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My Favorite Netflix Shows

By 7:51 AM

     One of my most favorite thing to do is to binge watch tv shows on Netflix. I decided to put a list together of my favorite shows that are on Netflix. (US) 

1. Gilmore Girls:
This has to be my all time favorite show in the entire world. It is centered around the relationship of  a mother (Lorelei) and daughter (Rory--short for Lorelei). It is such a light hearted show and 10/10 would recommend.

2. One Tree Hill:
My next favorite show is One Tree Hill. When i first started watching this show i wasn't expecting to like it as much as i did. It is amazing. Its about two half brothers Nathan and Lucas Scott who battle on a basketball court while battling for the heart of their friends.

3. Gossip Girl
Now this one is a classic. I am sure everyone and their mom has seen or heard of Gossip Girl. I put this in my list because although it isn't my all time favorite it is the show that started my obsession with binge watching tv shows on Netflix. It is the first tv show that i watch every episode in every season.

4. Fuller House
This tv show is a new netflix original that is based off of the 90s show Full House. I have to admit, although the show is extremely cheesy, I fell in love with it. I just about watched the whole first season in one sitting.

5. Bates Motel
Bates Motel is also another favorite of mine. It is based off of the movie psycho. It shows Norman Bates childhood life and how he grew up to be a psycho serial killer.

Leave a comment of some of your favorite Netflix shows!

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