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Beautycon BFF Fall Box

By 10:00 AM


    One of my favorite things in the entire world is subscription boxes. Just something about receiving a bunch of surprises in the mail gets me so exited. The beautycon bff box is one of my favorite subscription boxes because it only costs about 35 quarterly and you receive over $100 worth of beauty/lifestyle products. These are the products that i received in my fall beautycon box.

One of the things that i received in the box was this jac vanek sticker and i immediately put it on my laptop because relatable! 


The next thing that i got was the e.l.f small stipple brush. I think this will be great for applying concealer. 

The next thing that came in the box was another brush. It is the real techniques fine liner brush. I can't wait to try winged eyeliner with it. 

The next thing that was in the box was this cute floral makeup bag. 
The next thing that i received was this small pack of altoids that i obviously already started eating. (side note: i think its funny how the pack clearly says tear here and i visibily disregarded that piece of advice hahaha (: )

The next thing that came in the box was this mini brush, and i think it will be great to throw in my purse so i can have a brush when i am on the go.

Another thing that i received is this eyeliner pencil in inky purple. I think this will definitely make my green eyes pop.

The next thing that was in the fall box was this super adorable necklace. I can't wait to pair this up with some of my not as detailed shirts to spice up the look. 

The next item are these pink headphones. They may be cheap but they are super cute with the beautycon logo on them. 

The next things are two makeup products from colourpop, a lip pencil and a lippie stick. These are great because i have been wanting to try some of the colourpop products.

The next product in the fall box is a hand cream from the brand skin fix. 

The next item is a set of gold rings, i think these are so adorable.

We also received a deluxe sample of the they're real mascara. Ive actually tried this already and love it. It works wonders on my eyelashes. 

The last thing that came in the box was this baby lips lip gloss. Ive tried the baby lips lip balms before and loved them so I'm so excited to try out this lip gloss!!! 

      If you would like to try out the beautycon bff box, use this link and receive $10 off of your first box.

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