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How I Make Money Online // Swagbucks

By 10:39 AM


    For the past few years I have been using a site called swagbucks to make extra money. Throughout my time using swagbucks, I have came up with a few tips.

1. My number one way I make money off of swagbucks is to watch videos in their videos section. As of now, their videos are all grouped up into sections and when you finish a section you can make anywhere up to four swagbucks which translates to 4 cents, so 100 swagbucks would equal one dollar. I find this to be super easy to do because i can just have the videos playing on one tab and being scrolling throughout the internet on another. You can even download their app in the app store and make 2 swagbucks for every 10 videos you watch.

2. Another big way to make money on swagbucks is to do their surveys. These are super easy to complete. All you have to do is do the surveys and make money for each survey.

3. Another super easy way to get swagbucks is to shop. If you go onto the site and go to the shopping section and click on the store you'd like to online shop from. When you make the purchase, you'll get swagbucks just for shopping.

4. The last way i make money on swagbucks is called encrave. This is kinda similar to the videos. You click on certain tasks and it could be anywhere from reading an article to watching a video. The most I've made from one task is 8 swagbucks.

This obviously isn't a job or anything. This is just something that I do in my free time to make extra money for my starbucks addiction. Leave a comment down below sharing some ways you make extra money!

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